Projects in execution


DESAL+ proposes to create a combined research platform in the Co-operation Space, modernise, rationalise, strengthen and raise awareness of desalination infrastructure related to R&D&I, develop innovative solutions and demonstrative projects, increase training for researchers and joint participation in European projects as well as international collaboration.


The objective of the ECOMARPORT project is to promote marine and maritime R&D and innovation in European and African Macaronesia by creating an operational network of environmental and marine observation of water and air quality in ports (eco-ports in Macaronesia). This will be achieved via the development and use of the latest in sustainable technology, the creation of useful products and tools for its users, and through the co-operation and appropriate and efficient technology transfer between the public and private sectors in the field of marine and maritime science and technology, promoting business opportunities within the context of Blue Growth.


The MARCET project transfers and disseminates cutting-edge science and technology in order to promote growth and sustainable development of tourism directly and indirectly related to Whale Watching, through the creation of new eco-innovative products and services. In particular, centres specialised in the monitoring and tracking of cetacean health and in operational oceanography will be brought together from across the region in order to integrate, harmonise and optimise knowledge, infrastructures and best practices in the region.


RIS3_Net will develop a strategy for institutional co-operation and a system of common governance, aimed at those institutions responsible for the planning, execution and follow-up of the intelligent specialisation strategies in the MAC regions, taking into consideration its possible extension to other countries. RIS3_Net will enable:an increase in common knowledge of the RIS3 strategies of the participating regions,the sharing of needs, difficulties and challenges affecting the MAC regions, related to the revision, execution and follow-up of intelligent specialisation strategies, the creation of a governance that will permit a common work framework to be established, the exchange of knowledge and best practices with regards to R&D and innovation policies and information systems for the follow-up and evaluation of the strategy, the development of pilot actions in the form of “Proofs of Concept”.

Smart Blue

The SMART BLUE ATLANTIC project will develop activities to promote networks and services to support innovation and internationalisation focused on the concept of regional maritime clusters and aimed at SMEs in blue economy within the MAC co-operation area. This will result in an increase in the critical mass and capacity that will produce economies of scale in networks dominated by small businesses working together to innovate and access other markets, obtaining better results than would be obtained from acting individually

Completed projects


The objective of the project is to promote marine and maritime R&D of the European and African Macaronesian regions so that their approaches and results are addressed to contribute to the best articulation of the scientific - technical - company system, in fields such as security and sustainability in transport, maritime tourism and ports, increasing the protection of coastal areas, resources and marine biodiversity and the forecasting and management of natural risks. This is a way to contribute to promote the socio-economic development of these regions, in keeping with international goals.

Proyecto MacSimar

Enhancing R+D+i capacities in the fields of climatology, meteorology and operational oceanography, through the components of modelling, monitoring and dissemination of information in a timely manner and in a scale that is appropriate to the sectors on which they depend on. Network integration participating, from its privileged position in the Atlantic, in the aims of the EU of creating the European Observation and Information Network (EMODNet).


Circulation prediction for the Macaronesian Marine Zone, developed as a Interreg IIIB (2002-2005) initiative>br>

Proyecto Alermac

The main goal of the ALERMAC project (Ref. Interreg IIIB-03-MAC-4.2-C.6) is to provide a comprehensive solution to the effective monitoring of pollutants and the management of risks of disasters in the Macaronesian maritime area


Meteo-Oceanographic Data Monitoring System (2005-2008).

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